Our Approach to Functional Health

Healing Habits LLC bases its practice on functional medicine concepts. Julie helps people identify the root causes of their symptoms & inspires, educates, & coaches them through the process of healing. In essence, she helps her clients to help themselves. Under the right conditions & circumstances, symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, depressed mood, fatigue, headaches, GI symptoms, & chronic discomforts such as carpal tunnel, sinus, muscle, arthritic & fibromyalgia pain, etc. can gradually be reversed with the restoration of function.

 Together with each client, Julie gathers a detailed understanding of an individual’s unique history with consideration of environmental & biochemical exposures, & lifestyle influences to develop a recovery plan emphasizing anti-inflammatory nutrient-dense whole foods, appropriate supplementation, & lifestyle factors. Modifying these variables have the power to profoundly impact healing, as they are often what’s causing imbalances & dysfunction. Thus, our goal is to help determine & address the root causes of symptoms & guide clients through the process of restoring function, harmony, & vitality.

Functional Medicine Tree

Functional Medicine (FM) clinicians understand that a background of ongoing & unresolved emotional, biochemical, & physical stressors promote illness.  Julie focuses on helping clients to identify & address the root causes of chronic conditions by viewing the body as an interconnected system rather than treating isolated symptoms. Symptoms are how our body lets us know that there is something wrong & there is often a compilation of reasons as to why we feel the way we do.

The Functional Medicine Tree aids our understanding of the causes or contributing factors to failing health. It is a tool used by practitioners to help identify & address the various elements and mechanisms that shape our well-being.

Antecedents, triggers, & mediators are the whats, whens, wheres, hows, & whys that influence wellness.

Your Pathway to Healing Habits


To see if Healing Habits may help you, please click on ‘Schedule a Discovery Chat’ below to schedule a free, 15-minute phone chat to determine if we are the right fit.

Moving forward, we will email you information to get onto Healing Habits LLC client portal for you to complete our intake forms. After we review your intake paperwork, Healing Habits LLC will schedule your initial appointment. Plan at least 2 hours for this first session. We see clients via video chat through our client portal or at our office located in southwest Omaha Nebraska.  The initial consultation fee of $250 will be charged prior to your first visit.

During your initial session with Healing Habits LLC, Julie will begin your personal healing journey by reviewing your Intake Questionnaire with you. She will take into consideration your past & current health practices to establish modifiable & mutually agreed upon eating & lifestyle goals.

It is important to stay on course by setting attainable goals to form sustainable healing habits through the formulation of a client-clinician action plan. Achieving wellness is a step-by-step transformative process as a result of making appropriate modifications to one’s lifestyle & eating habits based on a persons response to each change that’s made along the way.  Our clients conditions are often complicated so we encourage you to document eating & lifestyle modifications that you make, subtle changes or responses that you may experience, and questions that arise between appointments (many questions can be addressed through our client portal chatting).

After your initial session, to ease you into your journey, Healing Habits LLC will provide you with a personal educational module through our client portal targeting key healing eating & lifestyle habits w/clinical documents & articles supporting our teachings. You may schedule your next appointment, which is usually around 2-3 weeks. To support your healing journey, Healing Habits offers 4-session packages for $375. This includes valuable client-clinician chatting between sessions through the Healing Habits LLC client portal. You may purchase an additional package.  Single session rates are available for $125/hour after completion of a 4-session package.

Prior to each consecutive session, you will receive a Client Status Form to complete. Julie will take into account how you are feeling & jointly evaluate the changes that you’ve made, improvements that you’ve achieved, & readdress your goals & plan to promote progress in your wellbeing. Each session will build-upon the last & additional food, nutrition, eating, & lifestyle recommendations will be added to your initial module in view of your physical responses to the therapeutic eating & lifestyle plan. As your symptoms improve, Julie will add additional learning modules to your program according to your needs.

Within a couple days after each session, based on the information that you & Julie exchange, she will share a 1-page summary that will outline your primary goals & address a more balanced lifestyle & eating plan including details of various recommended healing habits (i.e. sleep, movement, stress management, food & meal ideas, supplements, etc.). This will define your own unique roadmap to help you heal your symptoms.

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