Our Approach to Health Coaching

By addressing integrative health concerns and promoting self-awareness and empowerment, Scott can play a crucial role in helping you achieve optimal health and vitality.  While Scott is also a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, as a Health Coach he plays a supportive role with you and serves as a ‘guide by your side’ only giving expert advice when asked or permission is given.

Health Coach

As a Certified Health Coach, Scott is passionate about helping clients navigate their overall health and wellness and the complexity of chronic illness management. Scott works collaboratively with individuals to determine their readiness to change, set achievable health goals, implement sustainable lifestyle changes, and cultivate resilience in the face of health-related adversity. By addressing the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of health, Scott strives to empower patients to take an active role in their care and live their best lives.

Embarking on a journey towards better health and well-being can be both exciting and daunting. By partnering with Scott, you get a dedicated ally to support your journey. Scott teams with clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes, that align with their values, promote health and wellness, and thereby enhance wellbeing.

Together, we’ll push through challenges, celebrate victories, and ultimately discover a newfound sense of vitality and fulfillment. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you – your health coach is ready to help you thrive.

Benefits of Working with a Certified Health Coach
  1. Personalized Guidance: Health coaches work with clients to understand their individual needs, preferences, and goals, providing tailored guidance and strategies to support their health and wellness journey.
  2. Accountability: Coaches help clients stay accountable to their goals by setting achievable milestones, tracking progress, and providing ongoing support and encouragement.
  3. Behavior Change Support: Health coaches specialize in helping clients identify and overcome barriers to behavior change, fostering the development of sustainable habits and lifestyle modifications.
  4. Stress Reduction and Management: Health coaches offer techniques and strategies for managing stress, promoting relaxation, and improving overall mental well-being.
    Improved Health Outcomes: Working with a health coach has been associated with improved health outcomes, including weight loss, reduced risk of chronic diseases, and enhanced overall well-being.
  5. Support for Chronic Conditions: Health coaches can provide support and guidance for individuals with chronic health conditions, helping them better manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.
  6. Holistic Approach: Coaches take a holistic approach to health and wellness, considering the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being to support overall health and vitality.
  7. Motivation and Inspiration: Coaches inspire and motivate clients to take action towards their goals, providing encouragement, support, and guidance every step of the way.
  8. Long-Term Success: By empowering clients with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to make lasting lifestyle changes, health coaches help promote long-term success and sustainable results in achieving optimal health and wellness.
Difference Between a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Certified Health Coach

Certified Medical Exercise Specialists (CMES) assess clients’ medical history and current health status to design personalized exercise programs tailored to their specific conditions and goals. They monitor progress closely, educate clients on exercise techniques and safety measures, and empower them to take an active role in their health. Collaborating with healthcare teams, CMES professionals ensure coordinated care and may advocate for clients’ needs within the healthcare system. By providing guidance, support, and tailored interventions, CMES professionals assist individuals with medical conditions in enhancing their health outcomes and overall quality of life through the implementation of safe and effective exercise routines.  CMES play the role of a subject matter expert and design a plan specific to a client’s needs.

Certified Health Coaches (CHC) specialize in guiding individuals towards achieving their health and wellness goals through personalized coaching and support a ‘guide by your side’. They work closely with clients to identify areas for improvement in nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep habits, and overall lifestyle choices. Utilizing behavior change techniques, motivational interviewing, and active listening, health coaches empower clients to set realistic goals and develop sustainable strategies to attain them. They provide ongoing encouragement, facilitate accountability, and education to foster lasting positive changes in clients’ health behaviors and overall well-being. By addressing holistic health concerns and promoting self-awareness and empowerment, certified health coaches play a crucial role in helping individuals achieve optimal health and vitality.  Although many health coaches are also subject matter experts, they play a supportive role with their clients and act as a ‘guide by their side’ and only give expert advice when asked or permission is given.

Your Pathway to Healing Habits

To see if Healing Habits may help you, please click on ‘Schedule a Discovery Chat’ below to schedule a free, 15-minute phone chat to determine if working with a Certified Health Coach is right for you. 

Programs are personalized to meet your needs:  a typical program consists of ten coaching sessions for a minimum of thirty-minutes duration (10 x 30-60 minute sessions), meeting weekly via tele chat or in person within a three month period.

The base price is $400.00 which includes:  periodic text/email chats for motivation, accountability, or questions and supportive educational materials distributed to you through our HIPAA compliant client portal.  

Next Steps:  Moving forward, we will email you information to get onto Healing Habits LLC’s client portal to complete our intake forms. After we review your intake paperwork, we will schedule our initial appointment. Healing Habits LLC can see clients via video chat through our client portal or at our office located in southwest Omaha Nebraska. 

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